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Phi Kappa Psi - Nebraska Alpha - 1548 "S" ST, Lincoln NE 68508

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Picture of the front of the fraternity house in Lincoln Nebraska

Phi Psi boasts the second largest membership out of any fraternity, and is one of the oldest fraternities still in existence (founded 1852). Perhaps more importantly, Phi Kappa Psi’s national endowment fund called The Foundation is the largest out of any fraternity or sorority, giving over $250,000 each year to Phi Psi from chapter and national scholarships. Its mission, “to aid, encourage, promote and contribute to the education and scholastic attainments”, has been contributing to the success of Phi Psi members since its creation in 1914.


This chapter has over 1400 living alumni, and over 800 live in the Lincoln/Omaha area. These alumni are diverse in their occupations  and have a lot of knowledge to share with undergrads to help them in school and life.

Phi Psi Mentors

Phi Kappa Psi has a nation-wide mentoring program. Each Phi Psi member has the option be paired with an alumni who shares their major. This mentor will be there for the undergraduate to advise and prepare him for the workplace, as well as help guarantee his employment out of college.

The women of Pi Beta Phi after winning the Phi Psi 500!
Members of Phi Psi enjoying their special trip to Cabo Mexico to learn about leadership.

Phi Psi Connect

This unique tool connects Phi Psi’s from across the country together. Each member is entered into this massive database of names, emails, phone numbers, and descriptions which allows easy access to all of our alumni. This tool enables searching by name, state, city, profession, and age so that younger Phi Psi have an advantage in not only finding a career, but also resources to better themselves and others.

American Leadership Academy

This opportunity is not offered anywhere else, by any other fraternity! During your spring break, you have the chance to fly down to Cabo, San Lucas, and stay there FREE OF CHARGE for one full week. While you are enjoying your spring break, you also get to listen to the most successful Phi Psi give you advice on how to achieve success. This is a truly life-changing experience, and there is also no limit to how many times you can attend free of charge.

Our House

The Phi Psi house was the first Greek house built on campus and recently underwent a 2.5 million dollar renovation. It is located at 1548 “S” street which is a prime location on campus, a very short walk from the Union and all classes. Living in the house is cheaper than living in the dorms, with savings of over $2,500 each year when compared to dorm costs. Also there is free laundry, printing/scanning, and intramural registration.


We are a fraternity that knows how to have a good time. There are always social events going on every week, from date parties and formals to golf outings and volleyball games with every sorority. There is always something going on if you are a Phi Psi.

Phi Kappa Psi black and white formal
An 80's themed social, one of the many socials.

Academic Benefits and Scholarship

We recently remodeled a room in our house dedicated solely to studying. Furthermore, there are incentives to getting good grades – several national and state wide scholarships are available, including over $6,000 given to new members each year!


Our intramural program is one of the best on campus and we regularly finish in the top 3 fraternities overall. In most all sports, we have teams in multiple divisions, and all participation is free.

Pledge Education

Hazing is not tolerated in our fraternity, but our pledge education program is designed to mold new members into a Phi Kappa Psi gentleman and everything we do is oriented toward this goal. Pledges will go on Sneak to another campus, participate in a week night study program, attend university workshops, and set up their own Freshman Governing Council. All activities are designed to develop leadership, maturity, and responsibility.

Head rush chair
William Beerman
(402) 709-3788
Head of rush
Rush Chair
Mark Hutton
(402) 658-7631
Rush Chair
Rush Chair
Connor Nielsen
(402) 709-8006
Rush Chair
Rush Chair
Nick Carter
(402) 202-5519
Rush Chair

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